Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Saturday Morning's Forgotten Heroes: C B Bears (1977)

Citizens Band (CB) radios were the rage in the mid-70's. Hanna-Barbera decided to try to cash in with the C B Bears, a one hour series that aired on NBC in 1977.

The titular bruins starred in just one episode each week, leaving room for the following segments:

Heyyy, It's The King!: Funny animal comedy inspired by Happy Days and the growing popularity of Fonzie, who would make the transition to cartoons himself 3 years later.

Posse Impossible: Introduced in a backdoor pilot on Hong Kong Phooey 3 years earlier.

Blast-Off Buzzard: Hanna-Barbera's answer to the wildly popular Road Runner, only in this case the title bird is doing the chasing, his prey being a snake.

Shake, Rattle, & Roll: A trio of ghosts, inspired after a fashion by Harvey Comics' Ghostly Trio.

Undercover Elephant: An elephant as a bumbling private detective? Yep.

The series lasted just one season, and had the misfortune of being slotted in the lead-off position on NBC's schedule, opposite stablemates Skatebirds (CBS) & The All-New Super Friends Hour (ABC). You can guess which one survived at the end of the season.

Bill Woodson, who also was the narrator on Super Friends, is the announcer. Hewey1972 uploaded the intro for the 30 minute version:

Daws Butler used the same voice, a mimic of Phil Silvers, for Hustle that he used for Hair Bear (Help! It's The Hair Bear Bunch!) 6 years earlier. The heard but never seen Charlie, a female this time, marked this as a sendup of Charlie's Angels over on ABC. Parents didn't get the joke, obviously.

Rating: B.

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