Sunday, September 25, 2011

Saturday Morning's Greatest Hits: It's A Sunshine Day (1973)

"It's a Sunshne Day" is the song most associated with The Brady Kids, but was originally introduced on the parent series, The Brady Bunch, in January, 1973. Subsequently, the song was added to the cartoon soundtrack. Joramma20 uploaded this karaoke-style clip, which has the lyrics on the screen to make it easier for you to sing along. The clip ends with a portion of the show's open.

For what it's worth, and this has been pointed out to me by many on other boards, the poses for the Kids' musical numbers were redrawn from The Archie Show. You simply sub Greg for Archie, Jan for Veronica, Bobby for Jughead, and so on. Cindy is not an analogue for the Archies' mascot, Hot Dog, however. Hot Dog often had a baton so he could pretend to "conduct" the band, if you will, but that isn't the case here.


R.A.M.'67 said...

A good early '70s song! That three of the kids take turns at lead vocals gives it a unique flavor.

I believe Jackie Mills produced the majority of "Brady Kids" songs, in addition to doing same for Bobby Sherman, Davy Jones and the [NBC-era] Archies.

It's obvious a lot of Filmation animation (and music) got recycled for The Brady Kids, but I recall liking the show, especially when Superman made a guest appearance in an episode. Still, some of the magic was lost once I realized that not all the original young actors were doing Brady voices! If it weren't for the songs, I likely wouldn't have watched it at all.

As Brady Bunch spin-offs go, it's not much better than The Brady Bunch Variety Hour. (I wonder which spin-off Sherwood Schwartz hated most?)

hobbyfan said...

I noted in an earlier review of the Brady Kids series that about half the cast left after the 1st season, forcing Lou Scheimer to have his kids fill in. When the live-action Brady Bunch ended, so did the companion cartoon.