Thursday, January 13, 2011

Saturday School: Recess (1997)

After Disney bought ABC, they gradually began to reprogram the network's Saturday morning lineup such that it would feature only Disney programming. This was finally completed when the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, which Disney acquired from and later sold back to Saban, ended an 8 year run on ABC in August 2010.

One of the more popular Disney series on the network was Recess, which launched in 1997 as part of the One Saturday Morning block, and ended production 4 years later, though ABC & Disney kept it in reruns for a while after that.

Here's the intro:

It would be fair to assume that the series' creators and principal writers, Joe Ansolabehere & Paul Germain, modeled Gus, TJ, and friends as a latter-day Our Gang, but with a larger supporting cast than Spanky and his friends had back in the day. The 2001 feature film, "School's Out", served as a coda to the series, although 3 additional episodes were broadcast after the movie hit theatres.

Rating: A.

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