Saturday, January 29, 2011

Saturday Morning's Forgotten Heroes: Jerry O'Connell Slides into "My Secret Identity" (1988)

Ok, so I was being cute with the title of this post. Anyway, 2 years removed from his feature film breakthrough in "Stand By Me", Jerry O'Connell made his television series debut in this fantasy adventure series, My Secret Identity, which was produced in Canada, and imported to the US in 1988. Drunkendwarf112 uploaded the open to YouTube:

The local NBC affiliate in my home market aired Identity ahead of the NBC lineup during season 1, then moved it to the early afternoons somewhere along the way. Identity lasted three seasons, and of course we know how Jerry O'Connell has moved on since, currently co-starring in CBS' reboot of The Defenders alongside James Belushi. Derek McGrath, who co-starred on Identity, might be better known to American audiences from his appearances on Cheers, among other shows. Identity has not aired in the US since it was cancelled 20 years ago, which is weird in that you'd think a cable network like Nickelodeon or ABC Family might take a chance with this show to fill time, instead of, especially in Nick's case, shoving the trendy series du jour down the viewers' throats for hours at a time.

Rating: B-.

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