Thursday, January 13, 2011

Saturday Morning's Greatest Hits: And I Never Dreamed (1977)

It's amazing that during the 2 seasons of Krofft Supershow, Kaptain Kool & the Kongs didn't enjoy much success, if any at all, on the pop charts.

In season 2, the band ditched the glam makeup from year 1, and were reduced to a quartet with the departure of guitarist Flatbush (Albany native Bert Sommer). "And I Never Dreamed", with both the Kaptain (Michael Lembeck, later of One Day at a Time) and Super Chick (Debra Clinger, who'd move on to The American Girls a year later) on vocals, would've been perfect for the Adult Contemporary crowd had it been released today. In fact, it was the only single the group released! StreetKnight1 uploaded this clip to YouTube:

Also in season 2, Turkey (Mickey McMeel) occasionally stepped out from behind the drum kit to play bass and sing lead. Too bad no one's seen fit to release the series on DVD, much less compile the Kongs' songs onto a CD.

Edit, 10/23/17: Now, even though this is audio only, here is the complete version:

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