Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Saturday Morning's Forgotten Heroes: Ozzy & Drix (2002)

Ozzy & Drix is an all-animated spin-off from the movie, "Osmosis Jones", and spent 2 seasons in and out of Kids' WB!'s Saturday lineup, since the network had more series than they had room for, and shuffled series in and out, with the only constants at the time being anime imports Yu-Gi-Oh! & Pokemon. Now, let's meet the heroes in the opening to the show:

Phil LaMarr (ex-MadTV) takes over for Chris Rock as the voice of Osmosis "Ozzy" Jones, while Jeff Bennett (Johnny Bravo) steps in for Saratoga native David Hyde Pierce (Frasier) as Drix. Amazingly, given how our heroes took up residence in the body of a teenager, they could've made a case for this show getting the FCC's E/I designation, but no effort was really made to explain to kids how dangerous adult habits like smoking can be at such a young age. Well, 30 years ago, they would have. Sadly, as much as this was a hoot to watch, it languishes today in the WB vaults, as Cartoon Network has shown no inclination to pick up the series. Nor has anyone else for that matter.

Rating: B+.

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