Sunday, June 23, 2013

Toonfomercial: Remember Quisp & Quake? (1965)

In 1965, Quaker Oats commissioned producer Jay Ward to create new characters for their cereal line, since he had previously produced ads for Cap'n Crunch.

The end result was a pair of cereals, Quisp & Quake. Now, to be perfectly honest, I've never had either of these cereals in my lifetime, though I have had Cap'n Crunch. I digress. Anyway, the dual ad campaign lasted a few years before Quake was pulled off the shelves (and he would return with Simon the kangaroo to promote Quangaroos, another short-lived Quaker cereal).

As for the characters themselves, Quisp, voiced by Daws Butler, is a goofy alien who would've fit in right at home with Rocky & His Friends. Quake (William Conrad, narrator of Rocky & The Fugitive) is a miner who looked a little too normal by comparison. As it turned out, kids preferred goofy over gallant, especially impressionable pre-schoolers who could roll their eyes the way Quisp does.

In the following introductory ad, the spokesman for the company, I believe, was voiced by either Daws Butler or Paul Frees. I'm just not sure.

Quisp is only available in limited markets these days, while Quake & Quangaroos have gone the way of a lot of failed products, shuffled off to limbo.


magicdog said...

I've heard of Quisp and I remember it being advertised in the 70s but not since.

I was on store shelves in my hometown well into the 80s, but I hadn't seen it where I live now.

Quake I've never heard of - period!

Quisp's voice definitely sounds like Daws Butler (using a similar voice he used for HB's "Yahooie" musketeer character).

The spokesman is Paul Frees - without a doubt! The cartoon is very much a Ward production - and I agree that Quisp could certainly have turned up in a Rocky & Bullwinkle cartoon and fit right in!

hobbyfan said...

By the time I was ready to walk through a grocer unattended, Quake was already gone. I have seen boxes of Quisp as recently as, well, 5 years ago. Just depends on where you go.