Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Game Time: Juvenile Jury (1947)

Before he was forced into exile from television due to the quiz show scandals of the late 50's, Jack Barry had one of his first successes with Juvenile Jury.

Jury began on radio in 1946, airing on WOR in New York, and then transitioned to television a year later, beginning a nearly decade long run. Alpha Video included the following episode in a compilation package, "Lost Quiz Shows of the 50's", although technically this wasn't a quiz show per se.

One wonders if Art Linkletter got the idea for Kids Say The Darndest Things, a component of House Party, after seeing this show. TVDays provides us with a sample episode:

Several years later, the then-fledgling BET revived the series, with actor-poet-comic Nipsey Russell as host. Unfortunately, I don't have anything available from that period at this time.

Rating: B+.

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