Thursday, August 3, 2017

June Foray Memorial Week: June on Green Acres (1967)

From season 3 of Green Acres:

June Foray guest stars as a Mexican immigrant recruited by Oliver Douglas (Eddie Albert) to operate Hooterville's telephone switchboard. At this point in the series, Oliver, a lawyer by trade, had acquired the town phone company. Chaos follows, of course.

Eddie Albert would later get into voice work himself, as would Pat Buttram (Haney) and Eva Gabor (Lisa). Gabor & Buttram were reunited at Disney in "The Rescuers", and Buttram also worked on "The Aristocats" (with Eva's sister, Zsa Zsa) and "Robin Hood", among other projects.

Ignore the label in the video. The poster mixed up episode titles to confuse the copyright police.

I have no memory of seeing this episode in syndication back in the day, so, no rating.

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