Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Toonfomercial: A summer break message from ABC Afterschool Special (1973)

After ABC's Afterschool Special wrapped its first season, the network ran this ad, mostly during primetime, during the summer of 1973 to promote the fact that the anthology series would return that fall.

Of course, the underlying reason I'm doing this is to have something that uses the series' original, synthesizer driven theme song.....

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Androu Burgess said...

That theme has the trademark synth sounds of pioneering french musician Jean-Jacques Perrey, whose many compositions have been most notably used among local and independent television stations throughout the US (and perhaps some in Canada as well), typically heard in promos and wraparounds for children's programming, from the mid-60's up until the waning days of independent television stations at the end of the 80's.