Sunday, July 9, 2017

From Primetime to Daytime: The Pizza Head Show (1993)

In the early 90's, Pizza Hut sought to attract younger customers, particularly tweens and teens. The gimmick they hit on turned out to be a radical revamp of an old Saturday Night Live skit.

The Pizza Head Show was a series of ads for Pizza Hut that ran from 1993-7, from Mr. Bill creator Walter Williams. Shoot, Pizza Head even sounds like Mr. Bill. Sixteen commercials, mostly for promotional giveaways, were produced over the course of four years. It so happens that an enterprising YouTube poster collected them all.

I think now you know where the creators of Uncle Grandpa got the idea for that sentient slice of pizza.......

Rating: B-.


Goldstar said...

I never knew that Walter Williams was behind The Pizza Head Show. I just thought that it was just meant to be a parody of The Mr. Bill Show. I didn't know that Mr. Bill's creator was involved with those spots.

hobbyfan said...

Parody? Hardly. Williams simply switched from Play-doh figures to pizza products. The concept otherwise seems to be the same.