Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Game Time: "Superman" meets the creator of Dick Tracy (To Tell The Truth, 1965)

In the fall of 1965, Chester Gould's legendary detective, Dick Tracy, became a grandfather when his adopted son, Junior, and his wife, Moon Maid, had their first child. To mark the occasion, Gould agreed to appear on the evening edition of To Tell The Truth on October 4. Host Bud Collyer, a year away from reprising the voice of Superman, moderates the panel's questioning of Gould and two "imposters".

Two years later, 20th Century Fox and producer William Dozier tried to bring Tracy back to television after a short-lived animated series. Their pilot flopped, signalling the end of Dozier's time at Fox after Batman was cancelled. Tracy would return as part of Archie's TV Funnies in 1971.

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