Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Teenage Toons: The Archies visit a farm, and Veronica goes undercover (1968)

Time for another round of The Archie Show:

First, Jughead (Howard Morris) invites the gang to his grandparents' farm, and danged if grandma (Jane Webb) and grandpa look suspiciously like the Jugster himself. Must be a family trait. Then, after the usual dance lesson and "Kissin'", Veronica (Webb) poses as an exchange student named Cleo when Archie (Dal McKennon) & Reggie (John Erwin) both begin squiring Betty.

This ended up being the series finale, as Filmation & CBS rebooted the next season with The Archie Comedy Hour. I remember seeing this in syndication a few years later. All the simple contrivances now seem tame compared to what the CW and producer Greg Berlanti (Supergirl, The Flash, etc.) and Archie Comics creative director Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa have planned in Riverdale, starting Thursday night.

Rating: B.


Christopher Sobieniak said...

They're certainly not gonna be horsin' around with that newfangled show!

hobbyfan said...


Check my review of "Riverdale" over at the Land of Whatever, or read what others have to say, and, trust me, not all the reviews are good, especially from folks in the comics industry, like Tony Isabella.

Christopher Sobieniak said...

You don't have to remind me, since I don't watch TV regularly anymore so this stuff doesn't matter to me, but it is a shame they're bothering with it at all. If there's one consolation (albeit, sarcastic on my part), is hopefully getting young viewers into finding out what else related to Riverdale they can find and then be annoyed and dismayed at all the silly comics we'e had for the past 70 years.

hobbyfan said...

Silly? I'd have to disagree. Archie's been around as long as Batman, Capt. America, Wonder Woman, Sub-Mariner, and a few other superhero legends. As I wrote, the producers of "Riverdale" sought to create a diametric opposite of the treacly, saccharine comics we all know and love.