Saturday, January 7, 2017

Saturday Morning's Forgotten Heroes: Peter Pan & the Pirates (1990)

Fox was looking for a signature series to draw viewers to their Saturday morning lineup. It seemed as though they found it when they acquired Peter Pan & the Pirates in 1990.

Unfortunately, this incarnation of J. M. Barrie's eternally youthful protagonist lasted just 1 season of original material, but remained in reruns for an extra year. It would then be brought back for weekday repeats before being shunted off to Fox Family (now Freeform).

The basic story had Peter (James Marsden) squaring off with his ancient nemesis, Captain James Hook (Tim Curry), who had gray hair in this series, as opposed to the traditional dark hair of other itinerations.

Here's the series opener, "Coldest Cut of All":

Even though this episode aired in September, it does seem appropriate for viewing in the midst of winter.

No rating.

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