Sunday, January 29, 2017

Daytime Heroes (?): The Mighty B! (2008)

Consider this for a moment.

A girl scout believes that if she collects all of the required badges, she'll become a superhero. Maybe that's the result of reading too many comic books while selling cookies, but that is neither here nor there at the moment.

The Mighty B! had just 40 episodes, spread over 2 seasons (2008-10), and played into the ground on Nickelodeon as a weekday entry. It sprang from the mind of actress-comedienne Amy Poehler (ex-Saturday Night Live, Parks & Recreation), who had created the character of Bessie in her standup act with the Upright Citizens Brigade and Second City. Poehler also voiced Bessie (naturally). The series launched on a Saturday, but I don't think it was part of the regular Saturday lineup.

Never saw it, since I work during the week, so we'll settle for the intro:

No rating.


Silverstar said...

I only caught a few episodes of The Mighty B!; from what I saw of it, it was OK. Not the greatest show ever, but not worth the vitriol it received from a segment of the viewing public. It was a rarity: a zany comedy with a female protagonist. I don't know whether it was ratings which brought The Mighty B! down or just poor scheduling on Nick's part, but I honestly don't think Nick gave this show a fair chance.

hobbyfan said...

As I recall, it was given a morning slot, so it was aimed at the little kids. Nick didn't run it in the PM hours that I can remember, else I'd have seen it.