Saturday, December 31, 2016

Toon Rock: Axel F (2005)

In the 70's, Sweden blessed American music audiences with Blue Swede and, of course, ABBA. They won't take any credit for inspiring the Muppet culinary bumbler, the Swedish Chef, however.

In 1997, a college student developed the animated musical act, Crazy Frog. Eight years later, the first single, a cover of Harold Faltermeyer's "Axel F" (From "Beverly Hills Cop"), was released, and became a global phenom, falling short of the top 40 here in the US. If you've been to a sporting event over the last 11 years, chances are pretty good you've heard this wacky version of "Axel F". The Tri-City Valleycats have played the video pretty regularly every summer, so I've gotten acquainted with it myself.

Like, totally wack, man.


Christopher Sobieniak said...

At least the clip you provided isn't the usual look of Crazy Frog, whose penchant for going around half naked often caught the ire of many a soccer mom, unaware that even frogs can be anatomically correct too!

hobbyfan said...

Soccer moms and religious zealots need to open their worldviews. Period.

Christopher Sobieniak said...

It was so tiny and harmless you'd nearly miss it if you weren't looking down there!

hobbyfan said...

Some people like looking for excuses to whine. They need to get out more, don't ya think?