Friday, December 30, 2016

Bad TV: Tiger Woods, action hero? (2013)

When this first came out, I eventually put it up on my other blog, The Land of Whatever, just for kicks, despite the fact that this has one of the worst choreographed fight scenes in filmed history. Not since Yes' video for "Owner of a Lonely Heart" 30 years earlier had the cameras exposed how bad some fights are staged.

Anyway, Tiger Woods & Arnold Palmer are en route somewhere when they're intercepted by a few thugs looking to make a little hay with the golf icons' trophies. You have to feel sorry for the guy who had to sell a roundhouse kick from Woods that missed the target by about 10 feet......

Apparently, the injury curse that has plagued Woods since this ad might be a karmic response to this commercial for EA Sports. And you thought Sports Illustrated had a rumored jinx attached to it?

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