Saturday, September 10, 2016

Toonfomercial: Ruff & Reddy shill for Post (1957)

Not only did Hanna-Barbera have an advertising deal with Kellogg's, but with rival General Foods, then the parent of Post Cereals, as well.

Post, you see, sponsored Ruff & Reddy, H-B's 1st series for NBC. The cat & dog team (Don Messick & Daws Butler) have to chase away an alien who wants some Alpha-Bits cereal so his world can be in position to take over other worlds down the road, although it isn't implied as much.


Jeff said...

Was the X referring to another breakfast cereal that ABs was competing with?

hobbyfan said...

That I cannot be certain of. The idea is solid, though, as a variant on the old "Brand X" ad gimmick.