Friday, September 30, 2016

Game Time: Endurance (2002)

It was Survivor for teenagers, but it wasn't on CBS. Instead, Endurance aired on Discovery Kids (now Discovery Family) and NBC, rising from the ashes for a failed Fox Family series, Moolah Beach, which, as memory serves, also aired on Fox.

Both series were created by actor-game show host-producer J. D. Roth (ex-Fun House), who enjoyed his greatest success with Endurance, which lasted 4 years on NBC (2002-6), slighly longer on the Discovery networks.

Here's a sample clip:

As you can see, as with Survivor, subtitles were added with each succeeding season. Unfortunately, while Survivor continues with two "seasons" per year, Endurance ran out of steam, especially after NBC decided to get back into an all-cartoon lineup, which it is abandoning again this year.

Rating: B.

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