Saturday, August 27, 2016

Toons After Dark: Welcome to Eltingville (2002)

Evan Dorkin's Welcome to Eltingville didn't get beyond the pilot episode commissioned by [adult swim] in 2002, but, by all rights, it should've.

Spun off from a feature he created for Dark Horse Comics' Instant Piano anthology comic, Dorkin presented the four members of the Eltingville Club behaving like normal kids. Arguing, fighting over petty things. The language and other mature themes landed Eltingville on [adult swim] rather than Cartoon Network proper. Dorkin took on a supporting voice role in the show, as you'll hear.

Director Chuck Sheetz would also work on What's New Scooby-Doo, and other projects for WB. The music was composed and performed by the Aquabats, who'd later land their own series-----but not on CN/[as]. And, yes, the intro sequence is a homage to the 1966 Batman series, as envisioned by Dorkin.

I think Dorkin was hoping this would work, because his more familiar creations, Milk & Cheese, would've been [as] material. 

Rating: B.


Goldstar said...

From what I understand, the Welcome to Eltingville pilot was very expensive to produce, which may be why Williams Street passed on it. It's too bad that this didn't get made into a series. I enjoyed it for the protagonists' love of geek culture. It's a bit like how myself and my friends were like, except that we would argue over even stupider things!

Silverstar said...

Fun Trivia fact: Club President Bill Dickey's sister in this was voiced by Tara Sands, who'd go on to replace Nzinga Blaze as co-hostess of Cartoon Network's "Fridays".

hobbyfan said...

And what has Tara done since?

@Goldstar: In other words, Williams St. was too cheap to fund a superior product. Figures.