Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Toons After Dark: Coneheads (1983)

Original Saturday Night Live cast members Dan Aykroyd & Jane Curtin reprised one of the show's most beloved sketches of the golden era when Rankin-Bass was commissioned by Lorne Michaels' Broadway Video to produce an animated Coneheads primetime special in 1983 for NBC (of course).

This pretty much explains how Beldar and Prymaat ended up on Earth in the first place......

This would be one of the last uses of Rankin-Bass' classic logo, as it was discarded two years later with Thundercats, but this was one of their first efforts in conjunction with Telepictures, now a branch of the WB tree.

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Goldstar said...

You forgot to mention that SNL cast member Laraine Newman also reprises her role as Connie in this special.

NBC ran this special for a couple of years, usually in October paired with Witch's Night Out (which coincidentally or perhaps not coincidentally) also featured the voice of another SNL alum, Gilda Radner.

hobbyfan said...

Yeah, it was a coincidence that Coneheads was coupled with Witch's Night Out, which I'm hoping to find for Spooktober next month. I only posted Coneheads without watching the whole thing, so I didn't mention Laraine's role.