Monday, August 8, 2016

Toons After Dark: Clerks (2000)

Six years after the film "Clerks" became a cult hit for writer-director-co-star Kevin Smith, the filmmaker decided to return to his Viewaskewniverse for an animated primetime series. ABC bought the show, which was co-produced by two branches of the Disney family tree at the time, Miramax and Touchstone, although Disney's animation department did have a hand in it, too.

Unfortunately, Clerks was a total dud at ABC, which aired two episodes out of order, then cancelled the show due largely to low ratings, but more likely, someone at ABC got cold feet about airing the show. Comedy Central picked it up, but only ran 4 episodes, including the series opener, which ABC had ignored.

Smith reprises, if you will, as Silent Bob, as part of an ensemble that also included Jason Mewes and Alec Baldwin. The series was released on DVD a year after its aborted TV run with all six episodes intact.

No rating.


Goldstar said...

Clerks: The Animated Series ran on Adult Swim a few years ago. I don't remember the series ever airing on Comedy Central.

It's too bad that only 6 episodes of Clerks: TAS were ever produced. I always thought that Clerks: TAS could have aired on The Hub on weekend nights as a companion series to Dan Vs., which was kind of an Adult Swim lite type of show. The Hub could have had a late night animation block for big kids and adults, that is if Discovery and Hasbro had any desire to do such a thing.

hobbyfan said...

According to Wikipedia (questionable, I know), it aired on Comedy Central----perhaps not here. The fact that it didn't last long on [as] either should tell you something. Disney's sitting on this, and can't take a risk on putting it on DXD in late night.

Goldstar said...

True that. Disney doesn't have any outlets where I show like Clerks: TAS would be appropriate to air. The closest that the Mouse House has is that waste of air space Freeform, which doesn't show any cartoons.

hobbyfan said...

And Freeform is still home to the 700 Club. It'd be weird if they did put Clerks there, in back of 700 Club. Talk about culture shocks.