Saturday, May 23, 2015

Saturtainment: The Go Go Gophers meet the Cleveland Indians (1966?)

Now, here's a curiosity. We've previously noted that the Go Go Gophers were a back-up segment on Underdog before being spun off into an all-rerun show of their own in 1968. But, as you'll see in the next video, common sources might be a wee bit off, since the copyright date for this episode is 1962, predating the Gophers' supposed debut by 4 years!

Anyway, Col. Kit Coyote (Kenny Delmar) sees a newspaper headline and thinks the people of Cleveland would accept Running Board & Ruffled Feather, despite Sgt. Okey Homa (Sandy Becker) warning that Cleveland's Indians are a baseball team.

This was the beauty of the silliness. The series was set in the Old West, well before the game of baseball was invented, but, being a cartoon, they could stretch the boundaries of imagination as much as possible. Heh, it could've been worse. They could've sent the Gophers to Washington, and.......!

You may note, too, that the theme song has additional lyrics than what we heard in the syndicated version. Apparently, due to anti-violence regulations, they edited the theme.

Rating: B.

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