Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Getting Schooled: Sunrise/Summer Semester (1957-1982)

This one's for the college kids.

Sunrise Semester aired for 25 years on CBS (1957-82), a half hour course on various subjects, as if the viewers were taking a college level home study course. The closest analogue to Semester now would be Regents Review, which airs on the local PBS station here, and has been for the last few years leading up to end-of-season Regents' exams.

Here's a sample episode:

During the summer months, the series shifted to Summer Semester, enabling CBS to air the series year-round. The network's priorities shifted toward getting into the morning news race, resulting in Semester being cancelled after 25 years. Semester's been parodied on SCTV, and maybe we'll take a look at that over at The Land of Whatever down the road.

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