Saturday, May 23, 2015

Animated World of DC Comics: DC Super Friends (2015)

They're baaaaaaaaaack!

A few years ago, DC revived the Super Friends franchise for a series of children's books, and, eventually, a short-lived comic book spun from those hardcover books. The characters are drawn in a style not so dissimilar to the more recent DC animated fare from Warner Bros., but I do have a problem with some of the designs, particularly that of Robin (Johnny Yong Bosch, ex-Mighty Morphin Power Rangers), whose gloves look a little too big and a little too manga for my taste.

This new set of online shorts debuted earlier this month, and introduced the DC Kids channel on YouTube. Each short runs a wee bit shy of four minutes, but don't look for these to air on Cartoon Network any time soon. To them, if it ain't funny, they don't want it. If you're an older fan familiar with the franchise from its glory days of the 70's, you can show your kids these shorts, then, if you've got 'em, bust out the DVDs of the old series, and the accompanying comic books.

Anyway, here's the 1st short, "The Cape & the Clown":

Seems to me Robin needs to cut down on his sugar intake. He's even more hyper than usual.

Rating: C.

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