Saturday, October 4, 2014

Spooktober: Tutenstein (2003)

Tutenstein sprang from the pages of creator Jay Stephens' Jet Cat Clubhouse comic book, and onto television in 2003, debuting on Discovery Kids and NBC. The series spent three seasons on NBC, and lingered around DK/The Hub until the end of 2011. With Hub being rebooted into Discovery Family in 9 days, given that we're closing in on Halloween, this might be an appropriate time to bring the show back.

The story centers on a young mummy, awakened after 3,000 years by an aspiring Egyptologist, who is now Tut's reluctant mentor/sidekick.

Here's the intro:

This might've worked better if Tut were able to occasionally create the illusion of being a normal young boy of the modern age.

Rating: B-.

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