Monday, October 13, 2014

Daytime Heroes: Ghostwriter (1992)

The Children's Television Workshop (now Sesame Workshop) introduced a weekly mystery series for kids on PBS in 1992. Unfortunately, while Ghostwriter is probably playing overseas somewhere, it's not available in the US anymore, at a time when PBS can dust off some of their older shows for a new audience. Notwithstanding the loose revival of Electric Company, that is.

Ghostwriter, as memory serves, aired on Fridays, with month-long story arcs to keep viewers tuning in. Not just kids, but parents as well, largely because of the guest stars drawn to the show, including filmmaker-actor-activist Spike Lee, who appears in the story arc, "Into the Comics". Part one follows.......

Two years after the series ended, Sesame Workshop revived it under the title, The New Ghostwriter Mysteries, but this time, it aired on CBS as a Saturday morning entry. Sadly, it lasted just 1 season due to low ratings, and that, too, is lying in the Workshop's vaults somewhere.

Rating: B.

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