Thursday, September 25, 2014

You Know the Voice: Meet the voice behind Popeye (To Tell The Truth, 1974)

Well, blow me down!

Here's an episode of To Tell The Truth which leads with a guest appearance by Jack Mercer, the best known voice of Popeye. An excerpt from one of the spinach-eating sailor's 50's adventures precedes the game play.

I'll try to find the complete episode of Popeye & Olive on the moon soon.


magicdog said...

This was no contest. The moment Contestant Number 2 spoke, I knew who was Popeye!!

Loved seeing Kitty Carlyle on the panel - she was a sort of grand dame of game show panels back then!

Didn't know Gene Rayburn was a panelist since he was usually a game show host.

hobbyfan said...

Gene was a frequent panelist during this period, and this was during the first year of his revived Match Game.

As for Kitty Carlisle, she was a patron of the arts here in NY, such that one of the theatres at the Egg is named for her, the Kitty Carlisle Hart Theatre.

And, yeah, Mercer gave himself away as #2.