Monday, September 1, 2014

Getting Schooled: Sweet Valley High (1994)

Teenage drama was popular in primetime during the 90's (i.e. Beverly Hills 90210), so Haim Saban figured, why not try this in daytime?

Saban had already gained a foothold with Mighty Morphin Power Rangers on Fox, which, for American audiences, mixed in some high school drama with the footage imported from Japan. His next move was to adapt Francine Pascal's Sweet Valley High series of teen paperback novels as a daily series. Granted, in some cities, it'd air opposite the Rangers, or would be a lead-in if the channel was a Fox affiliate. In all, Sweet Valley High ran for four seasons, the last an all-rerun year airing on UPN.

I wasn't the target audience, so I never saw the show and won't rate it. Never read the books, either. We'll leave you with the show open:

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