Friday, September 12, 2014

Getting Schooled: Joya's Fun School, aka Time For Joya (1970)

I will freely admit I haven't seen any episodes of Joya's Fun School, or, to go by the title used in the following clip, Time For Joya, and by the time cable TV came to upstate NY in the 70's, the series was already out of production.

Joya Sherrill had been a vocalist for jazz legend Duke Ellington, and reinvented herself with this series, which ran for 2 seasons of first-run episodes, airing on WPIX in New York, then continuing as a weekly series in reruns for an additional 10 years before signing off for good in 1982. It aired on Fridays from 1972-82, as Magic Garden ran 4 days a week in the same slot. Both shows moved to afternoons near the end of the run.

In a way, it was WPIX's answer to the more successful, long-running franchise, Romper Room. Let's take a look at an incomplete episode. Incomplete because it looks like the open is missing.

No rating.

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