Monday, August 5, 2013

Tooniversary: Two Jugheads are better than one! (1968)

Joramma20 brings us another amusing tale from The Archie Show.

Reggie (John Erwin) has been giving Jughead (Howard Morris) a hard time lately for no other reason than his own amusement. However, things get turned around when Jug meets John L. Sullivan Jackson, an exact lookalike who also has the same nickname (our Jug was born Forsythe P. Jones). Jackson (not sure if it's Morris or Erwin or even Dallas McKennon, the voice of Archie) is also a karate expert. Uh-oh! Reggie is SO S-O-L!

"Jughead's Double" merits a B.


magicdog said...

That's definitely Howard Morris doing double duty with Jughead's double.

Every toon just can't resist having a double of a main character as a main plot point.

hobbyfan said...

Thanks, Magicdog. I wanted to make sure.