Sunday, August 25, 2013

Krofftverse: The Bugaloos (1970)

Sid & Marty Krofft's 2nd series for NBC was The Bugaloos, which bowed in 1970, and was, like H. R. Pufnstuf before it, co-produced by TV vet Si Rose (ex-McHale's Navy), whom I believe left the Kroffts' employ not long after.

The Bugaloos were not only the guardians of a magical forest, but also a pop group, as there would be musical numbers included with virtually every episode. Billy Barty began his long association with the Kroffts, landing a featured role as Sparky, the firefly, who eventually becomes the band's mascot-sidekick. Martha Raye, however, was featured as Benita Bizarre, a vain veteran performer who was jealous and envious of the younger musicians.

Unfortunately, the series merited only 1 season's worth of episodes, and, after a brief rerun cycle in syndication in the 80's, hasn't been seen in years.

KingGhidorah38 uploaded the series premiere, "Firefly, Light My Fire":

Norman Gimbel & Charles Fox, who composed the music, would later work on Garry Marshall's family of sitcoms for Paramount & ABC. Like, whodathunk?

Rating: B-.


magicdog said...

I remember watching this when it was in syndication - I liked the British accents - they were so novel to me!

I remember Martha Raye, although I remember her better from her recurring role as Al Sharpton's mother on "Alice".

I wonder if Bette Midler would work in a Bugaloos reboot? She played a Martha Raye expy in "For The Boys" after all!

I remember Gimbel & Fox from "Happy Days" very well! In fact, Fox also composed the music for "The Beagles" cartoon back in '66.

hobbyfan said...

Al Sharpton? On "Alice"? Nope. Vic Tayback's character was Mel Sharples.

Back to the Bugaloos. Bette Midler as Benita Bizarre in a movie version? Meh, maybe. Cher would be a stretch........

magicdog said...

I came to read your comment when I spotted that I'd written "Al Sharpton"!! How did that happen!! I must have had that blowhard on the brain!

Yes, I know it's Mel SHARPLES! That was so weird!

hobbyfan said...

Must've been watching CNBC, where Sharpton, at last check, had a talk show.