Thursday, August 8, 2013

Rein-Toon-Ation: Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes (2006)

A decade after their last animated series, the Fantastic Four returned to television, this time in the series, World's Greatest Heroes. However, this was far removed from previous animated incarnations of the franchise, and came out a year after the first live action film hit theatres.

Moonscoop, a French studio, teamed with Marvel & Cartoon Network to produce the series, but, apparently, CN suits weren't happy with the final product, and put the series on hiatus not once, but twice, before pulling the plug altogether after the 2nd film, "Rise of the Silver Surfer", was released. Nicktoons then picked up the series and aired the episodes that CN refused to run.

Ya know what that means, pilgrims. Moonscoop may be in for more of the same if their takes on Archie Comics' Sabrina and Archie himself don't pass muster.

Here's the intro:

No rating. Never saw the show.


magicdog said...

It wasn't that good and the character designs were even worse. Lots of viewers still remember the pointy chins for Sue and Johnny. They could stab someone with them if given the opportunity!

hobbyfan said...

One more reason not to like the French, no?

I wasn't digging the idea of the "4" spray-painted on Ben's chest, either. That was the worst idea they had. Lord only knows what they have in mind for Sabrina......