Friday, March 22, 2013

Saturday School: Mousercise (1983)

When it launched 30 years ago, the Disney Channel was a premium (pay-cable) service, and the only time ye scribe got to see anything on the channel was when the cable company had a free preview period, which was the equivalent of a PBS channel holding periodic pledge drives. That is to say, they were hoping to draw more subscribers to the channel. A few years ago, Disney Channel was upgraded such that it was available to everyone, although their On Demand channel is a premium service for some odd reason.

Anyway, during those halcyon days, one of the more popular shows on the channel in the early morning hours was Mousercise, which was Disney's entry into the growing exercise program genre, as aerobic exercise was quite hot in the early 80's. Then again, so was Mousercise hostess Kellyn Plasschaert, so I'd not be surprised to hear of teenage boys, working out with their younger siblings, but actually tuning in to see Kellyn.

Unfortunately, Mousercise is now confined to the Disney vaults, and Kellyn passed away 4 years ago at the age of 40. Following is the show open.

The series aired every morning, if memory serves, so it fits under the "Saturday School" heading.

Rating: A.

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