Thursday, March 7, 2013

Looney TV: Bugs Bunny & friends shill for Post (1960-64)

Before Linus The Lionhearted roared onto the screen in 1964, General Foods (now part of Kraft) sponsored The Bugs Bunny Show on ABC. This enabled Warner Bros. to produce a series of commercials to promote Post Cereals and Tang, a popular instant breakfast drink better known for its association with NASA and the Apollo space program.

Edit. 6/22/17: I've had to replace the video with a new 2-ad block that clearly has Hal Smith as Elmer Fudd.


magicdog said...

It definitely sounds like Hal Smith doing Fudd's voice for the commercials, even though Mel Blanc was doing it for the show proper.

hobbyfan said...

Remember, Blanc had it in his contract where he was the only one who got screen credit. With all the work he was doing at the time (Flintstones, Bugs Bunny), it's conceivable that Smith was Fudd on the show proper for continuity purposes, since these ads didn't appear anywhere else but on the show, if my guess is accurate.