Saturday, March 9, 2013

Saturday Morning's Greatest Hits: Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go (1984)

The short-lived series Wolf Rock TV aired this classic gem from Wham! (George Michael & Andrew Ridgely), which was my first exposure to "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go", the first single off the duo's 1984 album, "Make It Big", which opened the floodgates, as there would be more hits, including "Careless Whisper" & "Everything She Wants". Unfortunately, after another album, Wham! would call it a day while Michael went on to a solo career, pockmarked by legal troubles over some very bad decisions.

Uploaded by Wham!'s VEVO channel:


magicdog said...

Fond memories indeed!

This song seemed so retro at the time - a bouncy fun tune and everyone dancing around having a grand old time!

I rememebr it wasn't long afterward that Andrew Ridgely was being pushed back further and further into the background. Word was he wasn't that great a musician or singer (and his guitar and microphone volume levels often turned down in concert to hide that!) and it was a convenient way for him to part ways with George Michael. He took up racing cars... although it was often described as "crashing cars" not racing!

hobbyfan said...

Ridgely has since taken up activism among other things, involved with different causes, at least according to VH1's Pop-Up Video a ways back.

I think Ridgely's solo CD bombed---no surprise----and that was the end of his music career.