Thursday, December 6, 2012

Literary Toons: Madeline (1993)

Ludwig Bemelmans' Madeline had previously appeared in a series of shorts produced by UPA in the 50's, before William Snyder's Rembrandt Films took over the franchise a few years later. Those early shorts have been lost to the mists of time, but eventually, the little redhead made her way to Saturday morning television.

Initially, Madeline had appeared on, of all places, HBO, in 1989, where DIC had sold the series after a pilot special, both of which were narrated by actor Christopher Plummer. In 1993, DIC  brought the show to the then-Family Channel (now ABC Family), with a new slate of episodes. 2 years later, the series shifted again, this time to ABC, under the handle, The New Adventures of Madeline. However, this change proved to be a big mistake, as ABC cancelled the series after 7 out of the 13 episodes aired. Disney moved the show to Disney Channel, which played all 13 New Adventures episodes in 1997.

I remember reading a reprinting of the first book, in which Madeline needed her appendix removed. The irony was, I was in a hospital at the time, at age 7, and I was getting my tonsils taken out. Serendipity, anyone? I digress.

DhxjuniorTV  uploaded the episode, "Madeline & the New House":

I didn't see the show, but, as I note, I read at least one book, and I can recommend the show for today's generation of young viewers.

Rating: A-.

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