Monday, December 31, 2012

Bad TV: Angela Anaconda (1999)

What hath South Park wrought?

Trey Parker & Matt Stone's idea of animation is to use paper cutouts. They can produce an episode virtually days before it's scheduled to air. Unfortunately, that magic formula didn't quite extend to another cable cartoon.

Angela Anaconda, which bowed on the then-Fox Family (now ABC Family) channel in 1999, and spent some time on Fox as well, was meant to be an answer to Recess, which was airing on ABC & Disney Channel at the time and very popular. Well, it would've actually worked if the producers opted for full CGI animation or line animation instead of paper cutouts that just didn't translate well on screen. Thankfully, its broadcast run was mercifully short.

Here's a sample episode:

The less said about this show, the better.

Rating: D.

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