Saturday, December 8, 2012

From Primetime to Daytime: The Invisible Man (1958)

H. G. Wells' The Invisible Man has been adapted for the screen on a number of occasions, including a small handful of television series.

The first of these was produced by ITC and distributed here in the US by Official Films, which sold the series to CBS for American broadcast in 1958. The gimmick was that the actor who essayed the voice of the title hero was left uncredited on purpose. In fact, in one glaring difference between the book and this series, the title character's name was changed to Peter Brady, and a number of actors were credited as voicing the character after the series had ended.

The Invisible Man lasted two seasons of 13 episodes apiece, and is back on American screens, thanks to Me-TV, which has quietly added the series to its Saturday morning lineup, airing 2 back-to-back episodes at 7 am (ET). I don't know exactly when this started, but it had to be fairly recently, and enough of a stealth addition, despite the fact it has been used as filler in primetime on Sundays, catching viewers off guard who are expecting cartoons at that hour.

Tonightonthetelly uploaded the episode, "The Rocket".

The later incarnations of this series, both US & UK, have been better, doubtlessly.

Rating: C.

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