Friday, November 4, 2011

Sunday Funnies: Super Secret Secret Squirrel (1993)

Hanna-Barbera needed a backup feature to support 2 Stupid Dogs when it bowed in 1993, so someone decided to revive Secret Squirrel, two years shy of his 30th anniversary. However, there would be changes.

For one thing, it was now with an all-animal cast. The Chief was now a yak, for example, and Secret's classic arch-nemesis, Yellow Pinky, was now Goldflipper. Most tellingly, there would be a little girl power added to the mix in the form of Penny, the Chief's personal assistant, who also happens to be a squirrel, and perhaps meant to inherit Secret's job down the line.

When Secret Squirrel premiered in 1965, he happened to be on the same network as Get Smart, so it made sense that he'd finally be given his own Agent 99, which made Morocco Mole to be more like Larrabee this time around. Not only that, but, as we'll see, it turns out Morocco isn't exactly the sharpest tool in the shed if he isn't in the field. Yeah, just like Larrabee.........!

For now, check out Secret & Morocco vs. "Chameleon". Maurice LaMarche is heard doing his Orson Welles impersonation as a museum curator, which happens to be an owl.

Rating: B.


Mario500 said...

During the episode "Dr. O", the chief hinted toward his actual species by referring to a bathroom or restroom he wanted to use as "the little buffalo's room".

hobbyfan said...

Yaks & buffaloes are part of the same family, IIRC.

Gre25 said...

I wish the show would get a revival tv series 🤔