Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Saturday Morning's Forgotten Heroes: Kirby: Right Back at Ya! (2001)

Kirby: Right Back at Ya! originally debuted in Japan in 2001, and was brought to the US by 4Kids Entertainment and picked up by Fox in 2002. Kirby originally appeared in this country in a video game issued by Nintendo in the 80's, and had been largely forgotten until the launch of this cartoon, which ended production in 2003. I believe Fox managed to air the entire series before sending Kirby on his way.

In this series, Kirby is the protector of Dream Land, which is under the rule of a despotic king. I think that's about all you really need to know, as there are few, if any, video game elements included in the series. PaperMario15 uploaded the episode, "A Princess in Dis-Dress", to YouTube:

The fact that the series lasted only 2 years, total, speaks to the fact that as a largely forgotten video game hero, Kirby was facing an uphill battle in making a comeback.

Rating: B-.


Mario500 said...

Kirby actually made his first appearance in a game released by Nintendo in 1992. I doubt Kirby was forgotten by a large number of folks, as he appeared in many games between then and now. Here is the address to a site dedicated to Kirby:

hobbyfan said...

Hmmm. I could've sworn Kirby was a product of the 80's, coming along shortly after Mario and Donkey Kong and the rest. Thanks for the info.