Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Celebrity Toons: Gilligan's Planet (1982)

It will go down in history as the last series produced by Filmation for CBS or any other network before the studio began concentrating on syndicated fare. In truth, Gilligan's Planet was simply a rehash of the 1974 New Adventures of Gilligan series, but this time, Dawn Wells (Mary Ann) was along for the ride, pulling double duty, as both Mary Ann & Ginger. Filmation's long time stalwart starlet, Jane Webb, handled both roles in the previous series, but had, for all intents & purposes, retired by the end of the 70's.

Even the theme song was a reboot from the earlier show, as you'll be able to tell.......

Unlike New Adventures, however, Gilligan's Planet lasted just one season. Never saw the show, so I can't give a fair rating.


magicdog said...

As someone who watched both shows I have to say, GP sucked!

It was essentially a rehash of the original cartoon (which wasn't exactly animated Shakespere to begin with) only now it was on a planet instead of an island. Instead of Gilligan's monkey friend, he had an alien creature as a friend. Everyone's personalities were unchanged and the storylines weren't all that great either.

Both cartoon spinoffs make me yearn for the original.

hobbyfan said...

Which makes one wonder just what CBS was thinking when they bought the show. They swept Tarzan, Zorro, & the Lone Ranger out for Gilligan, and got snookered in the deal. Then again, so did Filmation.