Thursday, March 10, 2011

Toonfomercial: Sidekicks Convention (1998)

Back when Cartoon Network actually cared about classic characters not named Scooby-Doo, they did a few in-house ads like this one, which posits several stars at a restaurant (Hadji's). Now, did ya ever think you'd see Robin (voiced, of course, by Casey Kasem) at a table with Boo Boo, Morocco Mole, & Barney Rubble? Chicken (Charlie Adler), from Cow & Chicken, a relatively new CN series at the time, throws cold water on the whole scene, representative of the attitude that would continually rear its ugly head at CN for years to come. Y'think maybe CN should consider putting this ad on their sister channel, Boomerang?


magicdog said...

I used to like interstitials like this!

Sometimes it was looking around at the peripheral that garnered quite a bit of attention (like seeing Shaggy and his clones sitting at a table for lunch!).

It was also cool for Casey Kasem to do Robin's voice! It added that extra dimension.

Funny that "Chicken" gets the last word, since his show is long forgotten IMO and he never reached the sidekick status of the others in that bit! Couldn't they just excise him from the clip?

hobbyfan said...

Chicken, I think, was representative of the new generation of CN characters, and was used to represent the snarky, sarcastic attitude of the network.