Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Literary Toons: Redwall (1999)

There was a time, not long ago, when PBS decided to dip its fingers in the Saturday morning cartoon business. Virtually all of their Saturday programming was produced by the Canadian studio, Nelvana, which also has produced the weekday series, Cyberchase, for PBS.

Perhaps the crown jewel of PBS' Saturday block was Redwall, based on the novels by author Brian Jacques, who recently passed away. The series spanned three seasons, broadcast over the course of 2+ years. While it has not officially been cancelled, production has long ceased on the series, as Nelvana & PBS have not been able to convince American advertisers to invest in continuing Redwall. Here's a sample of the 1st episode:

To my knowledge, the series is not yet on DVD, but should, to provide a visual aid for those who might check out the books. In terms of artwork, this represents some of the best work from Nelvana in years!

Rating: A.

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