Thursday, May 3, 2018

Saturday Morning's Forgotten Heroes: Two King Kong adventures (1966)

Time for a trip to Skull Island to visit with King Kong and the Bond family.

In "The Electric Circle", Kong and the Bonds run afoul of an enemy scientist.

In "Mirror of Destruction", Dr. Who, who'd menace Kong again in the live-action movie, "King Kong Escapes" (also co-produced by Rankin-Bass in one of their rare live-action efforts), tries to capture Kong for his own nefarious schemes.

There are also bumpers. Carl Banas is the voice of Professor Bond, with Billie Richards (Rudolph) as Bobby Bond, Kong's sidekick.

In a way, King Kong was posited as ABC & Rankin-Bass' answer to Frankenstein, Jr. over on CBS.

Rating: B.

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