Sunday, May 21, 2017

Looney TV: Sylvester in Tree For Two (1952)

Sylvester actually plays a supporting role in our next entry. He's a fall guy--or fall cat, in this case---for newcomers Spike & Chester (Mel Blanc & Stan Freberg) in "Tree For Two".

Lost amidst the chaos is an escaped panther hiding out in the same area where Sylvester is. Egged on by Chester, Spike goes after Sylvester, but gets taken down by the panther. It's kind of like Syl's encounters with Hippety Hopper, only worse.

This short aired earlier this morning on Boomerang. Spike & Chester would only appear in one more short, only with Spike obtaining a British accent and being rechristened Alfie. WB was trying to create new stars at this point, such as Hippety, Spike & Chester, and Dodsworth, whom we'll see in a future entry.

Rating: B.


Goldstar said...

Friz Freleng would later re-do the Spike and Chester formula independently with the characters Toro and Poncho, aka the Tijuana Toads with David DePatie after the closing of Termite Terrace.

hobbyfan said...

Having seen the redubbed Texas (Tijuana) Toads on the Pink Panther Show in the mid-70's, I don't recall any sort of connection between them and Spike & Chester. They'd have more in common with Donovan Cook's 2 Stupid Dogs than with Spike & Chester, IMPO.

Silverstar said...

The Toads mimicked Spike & Chester's routine in one short, IIRC.

hobbyfan said...

Have to look it up.