Wednesday, March 23, 2016

You Know the Voice: Paul Winchell vs. Jerry Mahoney? (1967?)

Quaker Oats hired Paul Winchell to film a commercial for Life cereal, aided, of course, by Jerry Mahoney. Figuring this to be from 1967, and attached to an episode of Bewitched. Hanna-Barbera, which produced the open for Bewitched throughout its run, created the variant attached to the ad, which has Darrin eating some Life. Gary Owens (Space Ghost) is the announcer for the sponsor tag.

Winchell & Mahoney would then do a spot for rival Kellogg's a few years later, shilling for Frosted Mini-Wheats. We'll post that one another day.


Mike Doran said...

The debate moderator was Westbrook Van Voorhis, the voice of radio's March Of Time for decades; this was one of a longer series of Life commercials, with Van Voorhis moderating "debates" between older celebs and kids.

All before your time, I suspect ...

hobbyfan said...

Actually, when this particular one came out, I hadn't even reached pre-school yet.