Friday, March 18, 2016

Toonfomercial: Did Noah invent car-pooling? (1974)

Ah, the 70's. Remember when there was an energy crisis in the US? People were being urged to share the ride, if you will, to cut back on the number of cars on the road, hence the development of car-pooling, to save energy.

The Ad Council had fun with that and came up with a buzzword that didn't have any more buzz than a can of flat soda. Remember "kalaka"?

I love the crooning skunk, don't you?


Silverstar said...

Man, the memories. I was 5 when this PSA was airing on TV. I would usually see it on our local CBS affiliate (at the time) WMAR-TV channel 2 in Baltimore, mainly during local breaks between "Captain Kangaroo" (which was still airing on the network at the time) or local/syndicated shows such as "Romper Room". The song at the end is very 70's (and I mean that in a good way); the skunk's solo is the icing on the cake.

hobbyfan said...

I think it aired at all hours of the day, too. I seem to recall seeing it during Mets broadcasts......