Saturday, December 26, 2015

Tooniversary: DoDo, The Kid From Outer Space (1965)

You've heard, of course, of the British Invasion in popular music in the 60's (i.e. The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Petula Clark, etc.). The British also imported some television shows across the pond during that same time frame (i.e. Secret Agent, The Avengers, The Saint). To this list we add Halas & Bachelor's DoDo, The Kid From Outer Space.

Created by Lady Stearn Robinson, DoDo has settled on Earth, but it seems that the rhyming Professor Fingers isn't exactly proper father figure material, as you'll see in this sample cartoon.

The animation team of Halas & Bachelor are better known for having worked on some of the Popeye shorts earlier in the 60's, before Rankin-Bass hired them to animate The Jackson 5ive. How DoDo hung around for five years before being pulled from American syndication is a real mystery. The writing just isn't that strong.

Rating: C.

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