Thursday, November 12, 2015

You Know The Voice: Joan Alexander (1954)

If you ever wondered what actress Joan Alexander, the radio and cartoon voice of Lois Lane, looked like, well, look no further than The Name's The Same, a Goodson-Todman game show that aired on ABC for 4 years (1951-5), and went through a few moderators (hosts) during that period, including Robert Q. Lewis, Bob Elliott & Ray Goulding (Bob & Ray), and Dennis James, in one of his first TV gigs.

As we previously noted, the voice of Superman himself, Bud Collyer, was also on the Goodson-Todman payroll, as host and co-producer of Beat The Clock and, later, as moderator of To Tell The Truth.

Right now, let's take a look at a clip from the Lewis era, with special guest Steve Allen.

A more detailed review of Name will be at The Land of Whatever.

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